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Liquidflo Engineering Sdn Bhd

Established In 2012, Liquidflo Engineering Sdn Bhd has grown to be a leading pump specialist company in Malaysia today.

Over years expertise as pumping solution provider in the region, the company is one of the top few pump distributors that distributes reputable and leading brands and has reacted to high demand for trendsetting pumps. With a carefully crafted growth strategy by establishing regional offices and service centers in Malaysia.

LIQUIDFLO Engineering Sdn Bhd is fully committed to fulfilling every demand in the industry and the desire of the clients. By adopting innovative technical approaches, the one-stop solution company has its product strengths that are unique and exclusive both in performance and sustainability for a wide array of industries.

Other than the supply of pumps, we have an engineering workshop and testing bay, backed by a team of technicians and machinists to provide performance testing to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Liquidflo Engineering Sdn Bhd 成立于2012年,如今已发展成为马来西亚领先的泵专业公司。

作为该地区泵解决方案提供商的多年专业知识,该公司是为数不多的泵分销商之一,这些分销商分销知名和领先的品牌,并且对引领潮流的泵的高需求做出了反应。 通过在马来西亚建立区域办事处和服务中心,精心制定增长战略。

LIQUIDFLO Engineering Sdn Bhd 完全致力于满足行业中的各种需求以及客户的需求。 通过采用创新的技术方法,一站式解决方案公司在各种行业的性能和可持续性方面均具有独特而独特的产品优势。


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