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aluminum pump

Aluminum Drum Pump

Engineered for transferring non-corrosive liquids such as machining oils, coolants and hydraulic fluid. Robust Aluminum construction offers excellent strength and durability.


  • Motor Oil (up to 30 wt)
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Light Machining Oils
  • Hydraulic Fluid
Pumping of flammable or combustible liquids can generate a static electric discharge, causing fire or explosion resulting in injury or death. Read and understand operating instructions before starting this unit. Follow all federal, state and local safety codes including NFPA 30 – NFPA77. Prior to connecting to air supply, install bond and ground wires and check continuity of each wire. A meter reading of one ohm or less is required for safe liquid transfer. Use only approved metallic pump tube, explosion proof or air motor, metallic drum and receiving vessel when pumping flammables. Air motors are not recognized under any current Underwriter’s Laboratory listing program. Consult a qualified engineer for suitability for use in a hazardous area or on flammables.
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